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Sneak peak at the autumn schedule 2021

| Isabella Nitschke

Our autumn schedule launches on the 1st of September but you can already here take a look at planned class timings and courses. The overview of the autumn schedule will be published on the schedule page in time for the start of the semester but you can already find all upcoming courses and workshops on the courses page. Temporary schedule changes for the autumn are announced on the schedule page well ahead of time. Should you have any questions please contact us.

RIBBAN YOGA FESTIVAL 28-29 August 2021

| Isabella Nitschke

The weekend of 28-29 August, Ashtanga Yoga Malmö participates in the annual event Ribban Yoga Festival at the T-bridge (pier 3) on the Ribersborgs beach in Malmö. At the festival, which runs for two days, some of Malmö's yoga studios offer a large selection of yoga classes for all different levels of yoga practitioners. Isabella (together with Miho) teaches an introductory class to Ashtanga Yoga on Sunday afternoon at 2-3pm. The entire festival program and more about the festival can be found here

To participate at the festival and the classes offered, you need to buy a ticket in advance.


Time (for Ashtanga Yoga Malmö's class): Sunday 29/8 at 2-3pm

Location: the wooden deck at the T-bridge (bridge 3), Ribersborg

Price: tickets can be purchased in advance here (day pass or weekend pass). Early bird price is available before the 31/7.


Ashtanga Yoga Malmö’s class will be held in Swedish but the festival programme contains several classes offered in English too.



| Isabella Nitschke

As of Thursday the 15th of July, we are finally able to allow more people to practice together at the shala again. The Public Health Authority suspends the restriction of one person per 10m2 and we no longer have to limit the number of participants as much. However, it is still important to keep at least an arm's length distance to others in the room and to follow our hygiene routines (saucha = cleanliness). Please also stay at home you are sick or experience any symptoms of a cold. We will extend our online teaching via Zoom for some time for those who do not feel ready to come to the shala.

All participants are kindly asked to continue to:

- Shower/wash before you come to practice

- Wash your hands frequently. Use hand sanitizer (available at the shala)

- Bring a sweat towel

- Clean your mat thoroughly after practice. This also goes for our rental mats and props (we provide mat cleanser). In case you store your mat at the shala, please take it home regularly and clean it.

- Wash your practice clothes after each practice

- Don’t leave cotton rugs or mat towels at the shala. Take home and wash!

- Please take a consent card before you start your practice. GREEN=yes to adjustments, YELLOW=only vocal adjustments, RED=please leave me alone

In addition to these special hygiene routines, we have general rules at the shala for everyone's well-being. These apply regardless of pandemic or not. You can find them here (click on the link and read).

Thank you for your cooperation. Your well-being is of the utmost importance to us. If you have questions or are missing anything above, you are welcome to email us.


| Isabella Nitschke

Dear yoga friends,

Good news – we are open all summer for those of you who take your summer holiday in the city, in the summer cottage or who are visiting the southern parts of the country. During the months of June, July, and August we run a special summer schedule (click here). The morning classes continue as usual so that you can finish your practice before you go out and enjoy the sun (with the exception of some temporary changes which are listed under the schedule). The Mysore class on Sundays, however, is shortened to 9-11.00. We would also like to remind you that the door code was changed recently and if you haven’t come to the shala for a while please email us to get the new code.

This summer we offer the following (all our courses, workshops, retreats and special events are found on the Courses page):

SUMMER CARD: practice 30 days for SEK 875 (valid between 1/6-31/8, cannot be combined with other offers and is not valid longer than 31/8). Read more about all our prices here and contact us for the purchase of cards.

SUMMER SPECIAL FOR BEGINNERS: on 14/6 and 16/8 we arrange a special introductory class to Ashtanga for those curious. In connection with the class all participants get the chance to continue their practice for 2 weeks at our Mysore classes for no extra cost. Read more about the classes on the courses page and feel free to recommend to friends and family so that more people can experience the benefits of yoga..

SUMMER COURSE in pranayama/breathing exercises – a total of 6 sessions on selected Sundays (also via Zoom) starting on 6th June. Learn how breathing affects our well-being and how you can control this with special techniques. All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome.

GUEST TEACHER & WORKSHOPS: Isabella teaches a full day of master classes at Yoga by the Sea in Mölle on July 3 (a perfect day trip) and in August we have the great honor to welcome Tim Feldmann to the shala. On August 20-22, Tim will hold a weekend workshop where we get a chance to share some of his long experience of Ashtanga yoga. Tim is originally Danish but lives in Miami where he runs the yoga school Miami Life Center together with his wife Kino MacGregor. Read more about Tim and his workshop on our courses page

YOGA RETREAT ON THE ISLAND OF KADERMO, FINLAND: on 1-8 August, we return to Kadermo Conscious Living in the Finnish archipelago outside Hanko. Last year we had to cancel due to Corona but this year we can finally return to the tranquillity and beautiful surroundings of Kadermo. Join us for a week of yoga, vegetarian food and swimming in the sea with a Finnish sauna afterwards. This is the best way to recharge your batteries and immerse yourself in your yoga practice.

That’s all for now. We continue to implement the Public Health Authority rules and regulations for Covid-19 and we ask everyone who comes to the shala to respect these rules. If you are unsure what rules apply, you can read about it here.

The next newsletter will be distributed in August before the autumn semester, but please stay updated by following our pages on social media (Facebook and Instagram). Several of the planned autumn courses are also already available on the website. If you are not a member of our closed Facebook group, we recommend that you apply to it to gain access to daily updates.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer! See you in the shala or online!


SUMMER SCHEDULE and temporary changes jun/jul/aug

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