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NEWSLETTER end of the year 2023

| Isabella Nitschke

The autumn semester is racing past us at full speed and we are approaching the final stretch of 2023. It has been a great autumn with full beginners’/foundation courses and many new faces on the mats in the shala. We are so happy that our yoga community is growing and thriving with old and new participants. Thank you for telling your friends, family and colleagues about the positive effects of yoga, and for recommending the shala as well as our courses and events. We hope that the more people who practice yoga, the more of its benefits will reach both individuals and society as a whole. Please continue to invite your friends to the yoga school.

In December, we plan several events where there’s an opportunity to meet both on and off the yoga mat. In January, you also get the chance to join Isabella on a yoga holiday to Tenerife and get inspiration for another year on the yoga mat. Read this newsletter to keep track of what's happening at Ashtanga Yoga Malmö in the coming months.


We have a few weeks left of the autumn schedule which runs until Christmas. Between 23/12 and 7/1 there are special opening hours at the shala - click here for a sneak peek at the Christmas and New Year schedule. The spring semester starts on 8/1-2024.


After the guided class on Sunday 10th December, we invite you to our annual Advent brunch (veg. potluck). We end the year together, eat and drink well and get the opportunity to make new friends off the yoga mat. Our brunch is always a highly appreciated event at the shala and we look forward to seeing you all. Bring your partner/family/friends and a vegetarian/vegan contribution to the buffet. Let us know in advance if you plan to come and what you will bring to the buffet - read more here for registration.


On New Year's Eve, 31/12 at 9-11am, we end the year with a guided class of the primary series in Ashtanga yoga. The class is donation-based and all proceeds go to the organization V-Care in India (read more here). You don’t need to be proficient in the full primary series to participate, but you must be familiar with the basics of the Ashtanga yoga system. If you can’t join the class you are still welcome to send a contribution via swish 123 576 46 91. We ask that you register in advance via our partner Medborgarskolan so that we know how many will come - more info here


Come along to the Purple Valley Yoga Centre in Tenerife and get new inspiration and energy for 2024. Isabella is teaching a 10-day yoga retreat at the beautiful Finca Naranjas between January 2-13 (arrival and departure days are 2nd and 13th). Get a fresh start and begin 2024 in the very best way with yoga, sun and great food. It’s the second year in a row that we travel to Tenerife and it’s a welcome break from winter in Sweden. Take the chance to recharge your batteries with this wonderful trip. More information about the program, price and how to book can be found here.


TEA&TALK WITH MARTIN GANSTEN - we have two sessions left of the course in “the history and philosophy of yoga” with Docent Martin Gansten from Lund University. Here we learn more about yoga beyond the yoga mat and get a better understanding of why we do yoga postures and what the practice is about. Each session has a different theme and you can choose to participate live at the shala or online. If you missed a session all are recorded and available via Zoom. Remaining dates are 26/11 and 17/12. Read more here and please book in advance.

RESTORATIVE YOGA - a special class with Miho one Friday a month. Participants get a chance to recovery and rest in stressful and dark times. Remaining sessions 17/11 and 15/12. Read more here


The spring schedule starts on 8/1-2024 and we can already reveal some important changes to the schedule:

- The "MOON-DAYS disappear" in 2024 and we teach every day of the month instead of pausing at full/new moon like we have done in the past. Anyone who wants can of course still choose to rest on these days and a list of all "moon-days" will continue to be published here.

- TEA&TALK on various yoga-related topics with Isabella is reintroduced one Sunday a month and we also plan other inspiring events and workshops (please get in touch with your questions and requests about themes and classes). The spring schedule will be published after the holidays, but our courses, workshops, etc. for the first quarter of 2024 are already available on the events page.

- The YIN YOGA course sees a change of teacher and is moved to Thursdays. Miho takes a break from teaching to study next year and Helena takes over the yin yoga course/class as from January. At the same time, the sister shala in Lund closes down. We’re very sad about this but we thank Miho for all the years (10!!!) that she has been part of Ashtanga Yoga Malmö (and Lund) - we will miss her invaluable expertise and stable presence.

- The INFLATION is giving everyone a hard time – the shala included – and unfortunately we have to adjust the prices of our practice cards as from January 2024. During our ten years in operation we’ve only raised our prices once, but now we sadly have to make a second adjustment. The new prices for 2024 will be available here shortly.

That's all for now; the next newsletter will be distributed after the Christmas and New Year holidays with more detailed information about the spring schedule and all the news for the first half of 2024. Please stay updated between newsletters by following us on social media (links in the menu above). If you are not a member of our closed Facebook group, we recommend applying to it to get access to the latest news and updates at short notice.

Practice peacefully this advent! #ahimsa

Isabella & crew

P.S You can use your wellness allowance with us, and we are also approved for Physical Activity on Prescription.


| Isabella Nitschke

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, we have a special schedule with different opening hours. Between December 23rd and January 7th, the schedule below applies (our spring's schedule starts on January 8th 2024 and will be published well in advance on the schedule page). Please read the latest newsletter here on the website to read about special events in December and get detailed information about changes to the spring schedule before the new semester starts in January.


| Isabella Nitschke

We’re already well into the autumn semester with busy morning classes and full evening courses. It’s wonderful to see that so many people want to practice yoga and we are delighted to start every day in such good company. It increases motivation and energy levels especially as we move towards colder weather and darker mornings. When there are many people in the shala simultaneously, it's particularly important that we show each other respect and consideration in order for the shala to be a safe and pleasant environment for all. We'd therefore like to remind you to read our shala regulations, which you can find here

The last couple of months have been eventful with the Ribban yoga festival in August and in September we celebrated 10 years as a yoga school. We arranged a successful party with an open house for both old and new participants. We’d like to thank everyone who came and made it a very special day. Pictures from the event can be found on our IG and FB accounts.

This autumn and early winter we have lots of stuff planned for you; social gatherings as well as interesting courses and workshops and a special winter retreat. Read the newsletter to stay on top of everything happening at the shala in the coming months.


We particularly want to flag our winter trip to the Purple Valley Yoga Centre in Tenerife. On 2-13 January 2024, Isabella will teach a 10-day retreat at the lovely Hacienda Cristoforo (arrival and departure days are the 2nd and 13th so the retreat takes place January 3-12). Take the chance to get a fresh start to the New Year with yoga, sunshine and good food. It’s the second year in a row we travel to Tenerife - you can see pictures from that retreat and the beautiful hacienda with its surroundings on our Instagram account. Come with us and recharge your batteries and break the winter with this trip. Book now when flights are still cheaper! You can find more information about the daily program, prices and how to book here.


The regular schedule runs until Christmas and is available as an overview on the schedule page. At the bottom of that page, you find all planned schedule changes and cover teachers if applicable. Make sure to check the schedule page regularly for any updates. Please note that one Sunday a month we have a guided primary series class (instead of mysore) followed by tea & talk where we gather to discuss the philosophy of yoga. You can see upcoming dates on the overview schedule. Everyone can take part in the guided class, you don't have to be proficient in the whole Primary series, however ask the teacher beforehand if it’s your first time at guided class.


TEA&TALK WITH MARTIN GANSTEN - takes place one Sunday a month after a guided class. Martin Gansten from Lund University gives a course in "Yoga as Concept and Practice - A brief History" which runs over four Sundays this autumn. Each lecture covers a different theme and you may join all four or individual sessions. If you missed a session they are all recorded via zoom and you can catch up by watching afterwards. You can take part live at the shala or online. Please book your spot in advance. Read more here.

TRAUMA SENSITIVE YOGA (for anxiety and depression) - a special weekend workshop with Josefin Wikstrøm on 7-8th October. The course is fully booked live but there is still the option to participate online via Zoom. Read more here. Please note that during the weekend with Josefin, all regular courses and mysore classes at the shala are cancelled.


After the November school holidays, we start another round of our Ashtanga yoga foundation courses as well as yin yoga & meditation. Read more about all upcoming courses and events on the events page. The page is updated regularly, so please visit it every now and then to see upcoming courses and workshops.

ASHTANGA FOUNDATION/BEGINNERS level 1 - Mondays with Isabella starting on 6/11

ASHTANGA FOUNDATION level 2 (half led, half mysore) Wednesdays with Helena starting 8/11

YIN YOGA & MEDITATION on Tuesdays with Miho starting 7/11

RESTORATIVE YOGA – a special Friday class with Miho held once a month. Get a chance to recover and rest 13/10, 17/11, 15/12. Read more here

That's all for now; the next newsletter will be distributed in November and provide you with information about the Christmas schedule and social events in December. You may already now check out our annual “End of the year-brunch” that’s scheduled for the 10th of December and the last class of the year on New Year's Eve. Both are available on the events page.

In the meantime, follow us on social media (links in the menu above) to stay updated between newsletters. If you're not a member of our closed Facebook group, we recommend applying in order to get access to the latest news and updates with short notice. Also, keep in mind that if you haven't visited the shala in a while, we might have changed the entry code. If that's the case, please reach out to us well in advance of your planned visit to get the new code.

Keep calm and carry on doing yoga,

Isabella & the crew

P.S. Don't forget that you can use your wellness allowance with us, and we are also approved for Physical Activity on Prescription.


OPEN HOUSE & 10-year anniversary on 10th September

| Isabella Nitschke

On September 10th, Ashtanga Yoga Malmö celebrates its 10 year anniversary. On this day we invite everyone to our Open House to celebrate with us. Between 11.30-15.00 you can try free yoga classes of Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga and Yoga for stress reduction. We offer coffee, tea and refreshments. Welcome to meet some of our teachers, get answers to your questions about yoga, all in a relaxed and pleasant environment. Please bring a friend too! 

Existing members are welcome to invite friends and family to join the celebration. Throughout September, we also offer a discount on selected courses and practice cards. Read more about this and the open house here



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