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| Isabella Nitschke

As of Thursday the 15th of July, we are finally able to allow more people to practice together at the shala again. The Public Health Authority suspends the restriction of one person per 10m2 and we no longer have to limit the number of participants as much. However, it is still important to keep at least an arm's length distance to others in the room and to follow our hygiene routines (saucha = cleanliness). Please also stay at home you are sick or experience any symptoms of a cold. We will extend our online teaching via Zoom for some time for those who do not feel ready to come to the shala.

All participants are kindly asked to continue to:

- Shower/wash before you come to practice

- Wash your hands frequently. Use hand sanitizer (available at the shala)

- Bring a sweat towel

- Clean your mat thoroughly after practice. This also goes for our rental mats and props (we provide mat cleanser). In case you store your mat at the shala, please take it home regularly and clean it.

- Wash your practice clothes after each practice

- Don’t leave cotton rugs or mat towels at the shala. Take home and wash!

- Please take a consent card before you start your practice. GREEN=yes to adjustments, YELLOW=only vocal adjustments, RED=please leave me alone

In addition to these special hygiene routines, we have general rules at the shala for everyone's well-being. These apply regardless of pandemic or not. You can find them here (click on the link and read).

Thank you for your cooperation. Your well-being is of the utmost importance to us. If you have questions or are missing anything above, you are welcome to email us.