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Isabella is a teacher I feel I can really trust and rely upon. Besides her great practical and theoretical knowledge, I find her very observant, honest and straight-forward. She really inspires her students! Isabella has not only given me a deeper understanding of Ashtanga yoga and different asanas, she has also helped me encounter life with more patience and less worry.

Charlotte, Malmö

Yoga makes me warm, soft, flexible and strong both in body and mind. With Isabella as a teacher, I experience Ashtanga yoga as very enjoyable and never monotonous. Isabella has a great personal commitment to each individual student's development. She is a very competent teacher and coach with the ability to constantly present new challenges without pushing or compromising on safety. I have great confidence in Isabella and am very grateful to have her as a teacher.

 Sofia WF, Lund

I can warmly recommend Ashtanga Yoga Malmö with Isabella as a teacher. The shala is beautiful and welcoming and I experience a wonderful combination of peace and dynamism when I’m there. I have great confidence in Isabella's knowledge and experience which she shares in a straightforward and honest way. I also appreciate the clarity and timeliness of the information on the shala website as well as in newsletters and on social media.

Cissie, Hässleholm

Had I been fortunate enough to meet Isabella earlier in my "Ashtanga career" I could possibly have avoided some pitfalls and subsequent injuries. Unlike some of the Mysore style rooms I have attended that sometimes had the characteristic of a conveyor belt, Isabella's classes always leave space for each practitioner. She is very attentive and can spot what the individual student needs to improve his or her practice. In short she is one of the best and most observant teacher I’ve met during my fifteen years of Ashtanga practice.

Olof, Lund

Isabella opened my eyes to new levels in my yoga practice. She understands that students have different needs; she offers support and help in a very professional way. She also has a good knowledge of body structure and yoga philosophy. I am grateful to have met her and to have had the opportunity to have her as my teacher. I feel that I have gained both physically and spiritually from practising with her.

Anna, Malmö

A couple of years ago I started practising yoga on my own with the help of a book and its DVD knowing that I’d eventually need the guidance of an experienced instructor. A few weeks later I read the references of several teachers nearby and found Isabella, who did not bat an eye at taking on a 72-year-old neophyte! Since then I have consulted her several times and am always impressed by her know-how and attentiveness. She always takes time to thoroughly explain and adapt the asanas to my ability. In doing so, she continues to inspire and encourage me to deepen my practice.

Yvonne, Lund

I discovered Asthanga yoga when I took a beginner's course with Isabella. Even if it was not love at first sight, it was something that made me return again and again. Pretty soon I also discovered that life got better in every way when I practiced regularly. Isabella is an amazing teacher who has the ability to balance humility and discipline in a perfect mix. I know today that Ashtanga yoga will always be a part of my life. It makes me both strong and flexible in the face of all the challenges of life.

Caroline, Helsingborg

I started practicing at Ashtanga Yoga Malmö late January 2020 when I relocated to Malmö from Stockholm. I’ve practiced with other Ashtanga teachers before, but Isabella is truly teaches with authenticity and has a broad knowledge in both yogaanatomy as well as the philosophical aspect of yoga. I practice with Isabella daily when I'm in Malmö and can highly recommend practicing at her shala.

Sofia S, Malmö

It was obvious to me when I attended Isabella’s class that I had stumbled upon a very accomplished teacher of yoga. I have not previously had the pleasure of being taught by such an experienced, well-rounded, and professional teacher. My ability and enjoyment of yoga has never been greater; neither have I learnt so much about yoga in such a short period of time.

Alison, London