RIBBAN YOGA FESTIVAL 28-29 August 2021

| Isabella Nitschke

The weekend of 28-29 August, Ashtanga Yoga Malmö participates in the annual event Ribban Yoga Festival at the T-bridge (pier 3) on the Ribersborgs beach in Malmö. At the festival, which runs for two days, some of Malmö's yoga studios offer a large selection of yoga classes for all different levels of yoga practitioners. Isabella (together with Helena) teaches an introductory class to Ashtanga Yoga on Sunday afternoon at 2-3pm. The entire festival program and more about the festival can be found here https://www.ribbanyogafestival.se/

To participate at the festival and the classes offered, you need to buy a ticket in advance.


Time (for Ashtanga Yoga Malmö's class): Sunday 29/8 at 2-3pm

Location: the wooden deck at the T-bridge (bridge 3), Ribersborg

Price: tickets can be purchased in advance here (day pass or weekend pass). Early bird price is available before the 31/7.


Ashtanga Yoga Malmö’s class will be held in Swedish but the festival programme contains several classes offered in English too.


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