If you’re new to Ashtanga Yoga, it may be appropriate to start by attenting a beginners/foundation course in order to get an insight into how this type of yoga is practiced. The foundation courses are also aimed at those who have already practiced other types of yoga, but who want to learn the Ashtanga yoga method thoroughly and gain better knowledge of its principles.

Beginners/foundation courses, level 1 provide you with the basics of Ashtanga yoga. We start with a brief introduction into the philosophy of yoga followed by a gradual learning of standing asanas (positions) from the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series. We focus mainly on learning how to synchronize breath and movement (vinyasa krama), understand the concept of Bandha (energy locks in the body) and Drishti (focus for the eyes).

All course participants are encouraged to join the Mysore classes in parallel with the course. One complementary Mysore class per week is included in the course price.

Should you have questions, please also read the sections “FAQ” and “General practice advice ” on this website before you come to practice. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information. Please note that we have an age limit of 16 years and require guardian approval for all participants under 18 years old.


In 2021 we offer several Ashtanga yoga foundation courses and introduction sessions at our premises in Malmö (Värnhemstorget). All events follow the Public Health Authority safety recommendations. Course dates are listed below – click on the links for detailed information.

  • Beginners/foundation level 1

SPECIAL SUMMER INTRO class – Monday 16 August, 17.15-18.45 at Värnhem. For all intro-sessions and workshops check our events page

AUTUMN: 8-week course on Mondays starting on 6 September, 17.15-18.45 at Värnhem. More info and registration here

Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter in order to not miss the next course start. All our foundation courses are run in collaboration with Medborgarskolan. Pre-registration is required.

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