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Date: 2021-12-27 07:31 - 2021-12-30 11:30

Venue: Ashtanga Yoga Malmö

We are delighted to welcome Matt Ryan to Ashtanga Yoga Malmö the week between Christmas and New Year 27-30 Dec 2021. Twice in the past year we've had to postpone Matt's visit due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but finally he will be able to come to our shala to share his long term experience of Ashtanga yoga and Zen Buddhism with us. Matt will teach at the shala for four days offering both morning Mysore classes and special workshops in Zen meditation and Ashtanga yoga. Below is the full programme (scroll further down to see booking info and prices and to read more about Matt) but first a message from Matt himself:

"Hej! I do hope you are all good and well. I am super excited to be coming over to Ashtanga Yoga Malmö to teach a four day workshop in December. I just wanted to say a few words about what to expect from me as a teacher and the sessions I will lead. I have been teaching and practising ashtanga yoga for over 22 years now and one of the highest compliments I have had from a student was to be called the hardest working man in the Mysore room. I pride myself on being available open and honest to every student that comes through the door giving each person 110%. I welcome all levels at the workshop especially complete beginners as the Mysore room is the perfect starting point for a newcomer to Ashtanga. I am also super excited to bring Zen Meditation to this workshop. The mind Body combination of Zazen (Zen meditation ) and ashtanga yoga is absolutely perfect . An old Yogi once told me yoga teachers get the students they deserve and looking at all my student testimonials I feel like I’m doing something right. See you on 27 December!"



  1. Morning Mysore class 27-30 Dec 7:00-10am (doors open at 06:45) FULLY BOOKED


  1. Introduction to Zen Meditation 27-30 Dec (10:30-11:30) FULLY BOOKED

A 4-day introduction to Zazen meditation; “It's so easy to get lost in the physical aesthetic of Ashtanga that the more subtle internal practice gets lost in the noise. Using Zazen has helped Matt quieten the crazy mind and embrace the quality of a true practice.  Through Zazen Matt discovered how the mind component of Ashtanga Yoga is integral to the whole foundation of the practice and to the complete understanding of the external physical form.”


  1. Evening workshops27-29 Dec  (17:15-19:15) ONLY A FEW SPACES LEFT


Mon 27/12: The Vinyasa of Ashtanga Yoga

The practice of Ashtanga Yoga is built around the key concept of Vinyasa - or 'moving breathing system'. Matt will be looking at the integral components of the Vinyasa system, breaking down the composite parts to give students a deeper understanding of its practice which in turn will allow for a more focused internal experience of Ashtanga Yoga. Matt will be using methods from other mind & body practices including Pranayama & Tai Chi to highlight the mechanics of Vinyasa, he will also be adding in his usual doses of wit and wisdom to make the workshop both fun and challenging.

Tues 28/12: 10 % further for Mind and Body

Using the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series as a base, Matt will be talking through each posture with tips and advice on how by making simple mind and body adjustments students can find deeper levels of flexibility and concentration. Also by employing the methods taught in this session students can learn how to more mindful of their practice and this in turn will help to prevent injury through learning how not to force or over stretch the body in postures. This is a perfect workshop for both new comers and seasoned pros to Ashtanga.

Wed 29/12: Second Series for EVERYONE

Combining back bending, twists and hip openers Ashtanga Yoga’s Intermediate sequence (aka Nadi Shodhana) works to cleanse the nervous system and this introduction is for both inquisitive beginners and seasoned professionals. Techniques suggestions and ideas will be presented creating an accessible and fun gateway to the sequence.



Mysore class: Matt teaches the regular Mysore class at Ashtanga Yoga Malmö. Classes are drop-in and current card holders may attend with their practice cards. Visitors to the shala pay drop-in price and need to register at latest 48hrs in advance to attend.  

Zen Meditation intro and Ashtanga Workshops:  Bookings that include the full Zen Meditation course (4days) and all evening workshops (3 days) receive a discount.


  • Mysore class: current members may use their practice cards, drop-in 175 SEK


  • Zen meditation course: 1100 SEK (full course) OR Intro (27/12) + single days 350SEK+ 300SEK per additional class


  • Evening workshops: 1200SEK (all 3 evening workshops) OR  single workshop 450SEK


  • Full Zen Meditation course and evening workshops: 2100SEK


Bookings* (incl Mysore class reservations): email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Booking rules: all bookings are binding and non refundable. You may hand over your spot to another participant on the waiting list. We reserve the right to make changes to the programme due to unforeseeable events.



Matt Ryan, originally from Manchester, has been practicing and teaching Ashtanga Yoga for over 20 years. In addition to having his own shala in Manchester for many years he has taught yoga around the world, most lately in the Venice Beach area of Los Angeles, California. He returned to the UK last year and is now settling in Ramsgate. Matt is married to Lina from Lund, and thus has links to Sweden which he frequently visits to see family

10 years ago Matt started studying Zen Buddhism which foundations lie in the daily sitting practice of Zazen. When he added Zazen to his Ashtanga practice he noticed an immediate effect resulting in a steadier more focused mind whilst moving through the asana sequences – the end result being a sense of in the moment presence coupled with a strong flexible mind & body.

Matt, although he has studied the Ashtanga practice in Mysore, prefers to keep his teachings completely secular. For more information about Matt visit his website



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